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Cryptohands How the Cryptohands System Works

чай с песком

Summary: the system works on the principle of building a referral network for the resale of levels (eight levels in all).
Note: for ease of perception in the description, the process is divided into steps, and the payment amounts are given in dollars (in reality, in the Cryptohands system all payments are made in the Ether cryptocurrency).
The characters at the beginning of the story are your inviter and you. Your invitee is the one who invited you to the system, and it can be any member of the system, for example, your friend who sent you a link to the Cryptohands website with a referral code, and if there are no such friends, the system will appoint you an invitation (at the entrance you just need to click "Get Upline").
Vocabulary: in the Cryptohands system, the person standing above you in the system is called “upline”. For example, in the language of the system, your personal invitation is “Your first line upline.” The person who at one time invited your invitation was “Your second line upline,” etc.
So, step number 0. You buy the first level from your inviter (transferring money to a specific account in the system, how to transfer this first payment - there are nuances , but here we explain the principle of the system, so we omit details about the payment details). Total first level cost you pay is $ 10 (rounded for ease of perception).
Step number 1. Owning the first level you can resell it to 3 people. And that is all. That's all. The rest of the time you participate in the system, you don’t need to sell anything to anyone else. Therefore, approach these three sales extremely responsibly.
Note: these three people are your “first line” and inviting them is the only thing you need to do for the entire time you participate in the system. Further the network develops automatically. But in order for your network to develop quickly - very carefully choose these three people, they must be able to attract the same active and responsible of their three referrals, and those of their three and so on. So that there is no confusion and delay! Only forward!
In total, at the first step, from your first line referrals you will receive $ 10. So the first level will bring you $ 10x3 = $ 30. All. This can be done. You do not owe anything to anyone, the system will work perfectly without you, your net profit is $ 20. But suppose you decide to live up to your invitation and continue. Then welcome to level 2.
Note: technically, at the first level, you can invite a lot more people than three (if you invite through the referral link of the Cryptohands website you can invite only 9840 people), but all invitees starting from the fourth person (because you have only three vacant people on the first line places) will go to the second line, i.e. will become referrals of people from your first line, and if your first line referrals also have all three places occupied, then these referrals will be shifted further and so on up to the eighth line - in the language of the Cryptohands system this is called “overflow”. If you decide to stop activity on your first line, then these additional referrals (starting from the fourth) will not bring you anything, but if you move on, then these people are very useful, because they are now members of your network and one day they will buy from you next level.
Let's move on! Step number 2. Second level purchase. From the first level, you received $ 30 in revenue from investments of $ 10. And it is $ 30 that costs the second level. Your earnings from the second level will be $ 30x9 = $ 270
Note: it is clear where the 9 payments will come from? These are your 2nd level referrals who want to buy the 2nd level. There are nine of them (you can already slowly get acquainted with the table below).
You buy your second level from your upline of the 2nd level (not from your invitation, but from the one who invited your invitation to the system). Purchasing is simple, you transfer money to a specific account, you will find out the account on the Cryptohands website in your personal account.
Note: how quickly do you need to buy a second level after the first? You need to be prepared for the moment when your second level referrals will make 3 sales and may decide to buy 2 level. There is a convenient infographic on the Cryptohands website in your account, which in real time will display the fullness of your levels - on it (infographics) and orient yourself - as soon as your second level referrals are close to the end of your three sales - you need to buy the second level.
Step number 3. And the next steps are also similar. After the second level, you buy a third. It costs $ 90 brings $ 90x27 = $ 2,430. Then you buy the fourth level. Etc. In general, the continuation of this story, see the table below.
Amenities. 1. If one of your referrals stops activity (does not buy the next level), then all of his referrals buy the level from you. And the more referrals you have left (the more active referrals you have ;) ) the greater your revenue.
2. Random referrals are also possible in the system (this is the case when a person visits the Cryptohands website and does not have an invite, and the system assigns him a random first-level participant - maybe you).
Note. The system obliges participants to annual reinvestment of levels, i.e. the history of buying levels and receiving proceeds from referrals is repeated every 365 days (while the network that was originally built is preserved), thereby each participant again receives income from his network, similar or higher (as you recall, drop-down referrals increase your income ) already received over the past year. In general, the Cryptohands smart contract algorithm hints to us that any participant in the system can earn here indefinitely (and with a high probability of growing). Hmm ... we'll see.
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Level price $ 10 $ 30 $ 90 $ 270 $ 810 $ 2,430 $ 7,290 $ 21,870
Number of referrals per participant 3 9 27 81 243 729 2 187 6 561
Member revenue $ 30 $ 270 $ 2,430 $ 21,870 $ 196,830 $ 1,771,470 $ 15 943 230 $ 143,489,070
Member Profit $ 20 $ 240 $ 2,340 $ 21,600 $ 196,020 $ 1,769,040 $ 15 935 940 $ 143,467,200

Attention! If something is not clear to you, feel free to ask questions. Questions write the answer to this topic.
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